We are a team of professionals dealing with information and cyber security who share the same core values. Together, we are Guardians.cz

Our values

Security dealt with a complex approach

Integrity, trustiness, and reliability

Focus on quality of services with their added value for our customer

Transparency towards our customers

An effort for long-term cooperation with satisfied customers

To be an example to our customers

Our team

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Besides being the founder of Guardians.cz, Martin is also a freelance cyber security consultant and auditor with over 10 years of experience. His work primarily focuses on Czech Cyber Security Act and implementing its requirements into practice.

He holds an IT Management and Information Management degree from the Brno University of Technology and Enterprise Infrastructure Management MBA degree at the same university.

During his work, he has designed agendas and processes involving cyber security regulation and audits as part of his work at the National Security Authority (CZ NSA Office) and later at the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (CZ NCISA).

His accomplishments also include leading and creating a project on developing Decree No. 82/2018 Coll. on cyber security, structuring an agenda for personal data protection (GDPR) at an international company, and acting as Cyber & Information Security Manager in the energy sector. 

Martin is also a co-author of two books: Cyber (!)security. Security issues in cyberspace and Managing cyber and information security. He is also an author of numerous specialist articles, most recently focused on cyber security regulation issues and the EU's NIS and NIS2 directives.

In the spring of 2022, he founded an expert community CyberSecurityPlatform.cz  which was created in order to connect with other IT/Cyber security experts in collaboration with university students in a similar field. This platform allows its members to share their experience and content of their own, to be part of creating supporting materials, etc.

Martin focuses on the issues of information and cyber security management, implementation of the Cyber Security Act into practice, ISMS audit, and more…

Ing. Martin Konečný, MBA, CISM

+420 775 171 997

Besides Zuzana being a member of the Guardians.cz team, she also acts as a freelancer in a project team for managing information and cyber security in organizations falling within a critical information infrastructure. She is also an independent information and cyber security consultant. She mainly deals with the implementation of the Cyber Security Act into practice. 

She holds an Information Management degree from the Brno University of Technology. She has experience with the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and with vulnerability analysis of web applications with the help of automated tools. 

She is one of the co-authors of a book called Cyber (!)security. Security issues in cyberspace.

In Guardians.cz, Zuzana focuses on the issues of information and cyber security management, Security Awareness Training, ISMS audit, implementation of the Cyber Security Act into practice, and more …

Ing. Zuzana Strachová

+420 720 482 800

Patrik, a co-founder of Guardians.cz, is an independent consultant with a high degree of experience in the field of cyber security. He specializes in critical information infrastructure security in the sector of energetics and healthcare, where he acts as a cyber security architect and project manager. His expertise includes operation (OT) and information technology (IT) security, with an overlap in the legal field. 

The study of Management of information and Information management at the Brno University of Technology enabled him to compose a reputable Methodology of penetration testing of industrial control systems (PENTICS), for which he was awarded with the Atlas Copco Service Award in 2020. Currently, he is studying Master of Laws in Information and Communication Technology Law at Masaryk University in Brno, with a focus on legal and ethical issues concerning using hacking for cyber security. 

During his professional journey, Patrik has partaken in a series of projects focused on implementing security requirements under the Cyber Security Act, ISMS, and ISA/IED 62443. As a cyber security architect, he contributed to the security of critical infrastructure in the energetics and healthcare sectors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he cooperated on the project of Smart quarantine and acted as an IT and OT security expert consultant for one of the companies of Big4. 

Ing. Patrik Slabý

Jakub is one of the senior members of the Guardians.cz team. He has been professionally in the field of cyber security since 2009 when he became a Linux System Administrator for the National Security Authority, where he was responsible for developing Linux servers and desktops. After the creation of the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB), Jakub was responsible for constructing a data center for a new Agency, for which he would become a Cyber Security Analyst focusing on network analysis and Linux. After one year, Jakub decided to go into the commercial field and became an Information Security Analyst for Red Hat company. In Red Hat, he was given the opportunity to determine which area of cyber security he was interested in and decided to focus on security systems and infrastructure. He built his own team of people who deal with this issue, and he now holds the role of Manager, Security Infrastructure.

In Guardians.cz, Jakub specializes in the security of cloud services, Unix/Linux platforms, and networks.

Bc. Jakub Bittner

+420 602 542 181

Vanesa is an English language and literature student focusing on applied linguistics at Masaryk University in Brno. She had the opportunity to improve her language skills during a semester abroad in the USA as an exchange student. She continues to improve in other languages, such as German and Chinese. She has experience as a project manager for a translation company in Brno and as an assistant manager in the field of gastronomy, where she gained experience in leading a team of people and a small franchise. For Guardians.cz, she acts as a back office assistant and future PMO.

Vanesa Marenišťáková

+420 774 805 959

Helena is currently in her fifth year of studying Information Management at the Brno University of Technology, where she became interested in cyber and information security. Furthermore, she is also studying Politics of Latin America at the University of Hradec Králove, thus following on two years spent in Peru, where she was traveling and working as a Spanish translator. Helena participates in various projects, such as cooperation with Czechitas or the Society of Effective Altruism. For Guardians.cz, she works on developing a community of experts called CyberSecurityPlatform.cz, organization of conferences, or providing care for new and prospective clients.

Helena Havelková

+ 420 735 029 908

Bára studies Managerial Informatics at Brno University of Technology, focusing on technology, marketing, and digital media. Her career started at Red Bull company, where she began as a Student Marketeer and later worked her way up to Brand Manager responsible for Community Management. For Guardians.cz, she participates in marketing activities and development of CyberSecurityPlatform.cz.

Bára Pachmannová